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Logo User Guide

Standard Use of the Logo

Our logo is the foundation of the visual systems of our institution and it reflects the character of our hospital. For these reasons, the logo dimensions, fonts and font sizes must be observed and not changed.

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Using the Logo in Black and White

Our logo can also be used in black and white according to the environment to be used.

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Vertical Use of the Logo

Anadolu Hospital logo is used from the bottom to the top and the letter "A" at the bottom.

Use of the Logo Branch and Foreign Language

The use of the logo of the Anadolu Hospital individually for branches and examples for use in foreign languages. Font sizes and families should not be changed in language changes and branch names.

Logo's Color Codes

The color used in the logo is in the Pantone code and no color is used except Pantone.
C:100 M:0 Y:0 K:0
C:100 M:100 Y:0 K:0

Fonts Used in Logo (Typography)

Fonts used in "Anatolian Hospital" section; Copperplate Gothic Bold family,
Fonts used in branch names; DINPro family.

No other font family can be used in the logo except the original fonts.

The DINPro font family is also used in the hospital's other corporate identity printed works (letterhead, printed form, etc.).

Emblem Use Only

Located emblem logo may be used alone, as in the example.

Misuse Examples