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First Bariatric Surgery Department at Anatolia Hospital Side


The first bariatric surgery in Side region was performed at Anatolia Hospital Side


The first bariatric surgery in Side region was successfully performed by Anatolia Hospital Side, General Surgeon Dr. Halil Mert Bahadır.


Stating that obesity surgery was performed for the first time in the Side region at Anatolia Hospital Side, General Surgeon Dr. Halil Mert Bahadır says “Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, we successfully applied the sleeve gastrectomy method to our 33-year-old female patient who was taking medication due to high cholesterol. We performed sleeve gastrectomy operation by using high quality devices and medical materials. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is the most common and safely performed obesity surgery all over the world. Our anesthesia and surgical team carried out the operation in a coordinated manner.


Preparation Process for Sleeve Gastrectomy 

Stating that the patient has been dieting for a long time but has a weight loss problem, Op. Dr. Halil Mert Bahadır explains “We measured the body mass index as 36. After the interview with our dietician, we decided on sleeve gastrectomy. We completed the preparation process after body weight analysis, detailed blood tests, chest X-ray, heart X-ray, abdominal ultrasonography, gastric endoscopy and consultations of other branch physicians.


The Secret of Success Experienced Staff

Referring to the most important factor for short and long term success in obesity surgeries, Op. Dr. Bahadır says; “The secret of success is an experienced surgical team, the use of quality surgical materials and long-term follow-up. At Anatolia Hospital Side, we continue to serve in line with these principles by constantly updating ourselves with scientific developments”.


Post Operation Process

Op. Dr. Bahadır, regarding the post-operative process, says “Our patient stayed in the hospital for one night about the postoperative process. We did the controls again before discharge. The results were very good.  Our dietitian's postoperative nutrition recommendations were explained to our patient in detail. We talked together in detail.  In the following period, we will have regular controls where measurements and analyzes are performed at regular intervals. We will be in constant communication with our patient”.


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