Neurosurgery (Brain Surgery)

Neurosurgery is a medicinal discipline dealing with the surgical diseases of our brain, cord, and nerves. Moreover, the diseases of vascular forms, which protect our brain and cord, and foster bone structures like vertebra, brain, and cord, are also involved in the domain of neurosurgery.

Our brain is covered with tunicles called meninx in our skull. There is the cerebrospinal fluid between these tunicles and in the spaces in our brain.

Brain is the main central of neural system. The nerves coming out of the brain sometimes directly disperse into organs and sometimes into our whole body through our cord.

The brain controls our whole voluntary and involuntary activities. Almost everything that belongs to our body such as memory, feeling, our personality structure, respiration, eating, walking, running, speaking, seeing, and tasting is under the control of our nervous system.

The Main Parts of Our Nervous System

1 - Brain
2 - Cerebellum
3 - Brain Stem
4 - It is formed by the cord and the nerves coming out of the cord.

The vertebra is a bone system which extends right from the bottom of the skull bone to the coccyx. Our vertebra acts as a bearer of the great part of our body weight. The vertebra provides this heavy burden not only with the bones, cartilage, and ties in its structure, but also with the support of the muscles in the neck, back, and waist. There are 7 spinal column in our neck, 12 in our back, and 5 in our waist. We have elastic cartilages called disc between our spinal columns. These structures in the shape of pillow make the vertebral power increase against strikes, and make the movements easier.

The disease we call herniated disc or cervical disc hernia emerges with the ripping of the ties in the disc structure, going through the channel in which there are disc content and cord, and pressing upon the nerves. The herniated disc may be slight, moderate or advanced levels according to the degree of laceration.

The final diagnoses of the Neurosurgical patients, who have applied to our hospital, have been done with the latest technology computerized tomography (CT), CT Angiography, magnetic resonance (MR) and MR angiography devices in a short time.

Our Doctors in Unit

Prof. Dr. Nejmi Kıymaz


Prof. Dr. Bektaş Açıkgöz


Prof. Dr. Aşkın Görgülü


Op. Dr. M. Medet Yıldız


Op. Dr. Hakan Özsüer