What is the Dermatological and Venereal Diseases Unit?

Dermatology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases related to the skin, hair, nail, body entrances (mouth mucosa, genital mucosa etc.) and Venereal Diseases (sexually transmitted diseases).

The Diseases Mostly Seen in Dermatology

» Acne Vulgaris
» Rosacea
» Atopic Dermatitis
» Seborrheic Dermatitis
» Hand Eczema
» Urticaria (Rash)
» Drug Allergies
» Funguses of Skin
» Bacterial Infections of Skin
» Verrucas (Warts)
» Zona Zoster (Skin Eruption)
» Herpes labialis (Cold Sore)
» Leishmaniasis (Tropical Sore)
» Sexually Transmitted Diseases
» Psoriasis (Cutaneous Disease)
» Vitilligo (Ala Disease)
» Callus (Verruca)
» Hair Loss
» Sunburn
» Nevuses (Spilomas)
» Skin Cancers

Diagnosis and Treatment for the Dermatologic Diseases

» Wood light examination of the skin
» The Examination of The Spilomas With The Method of Dermatoscopy
» Allergy Tests (Patch Test)
» Excision of The Acne Comedos (Blackheads)
» Cleansing of the Abscesses
» Intralesional Injection of Different Medicines (Cortisone, Bleomisin etc.)
» Cryotherapy (Frosting Treatment)
» Electrocauterization
» Skin Biopsy
» Surgical Excision of Skin Tumors
» Laser Treatment

Our Doctors in Unit

Uzm. Dr. Mine Çetin