Neonatology (Newborn)

The Neonatal Department is related to the first 28 days of the most important part of human life. It continuously serves 24 hours under the administration of the specialists educated about neonatology with its educated medical staff and sufficient substructure. The neonatal department and the intensive care unit is the first private center in Antalya.

The vital functions of the patients such as premature (early delivered), with lower birth weight, icteritous, and with congenital anomaly etc., have been monitorized and followed in incubators. The surfactant treatment is applied to the infant lungs whom do not develop sufficiently since he/she is born early, and the devices of the artificial ventilation in the unit is utilized. Besides, the portable roentgen device, ultrasound device, echocardiography devices, bedside roentgen films for the infants and echocardiographic inspections can be done in necessary situations.

Pediatricians take care of all the deliveries done in our hospital, and he/she fulfills the first care and resuscitation application required for the baby. After the delivery, the infant is immediately given to the mother and the breastfeeding begins as soon as possible. The mothers are informed about the importance of the breastfeeding and the education about the breastfeeding techniques, feeding with the human milk, and baby-care is given by the experienced nurses in the service.

The imaging tests for the metabolic diseases (phenylketonuria, hypothyroidis), hepatitis test, congenital hip dislocation and hearing tests, follow-ups like growing up, developing, feeding, and immunization of the babies born in our hospital, can be done in the pediatric department.

In Our Neonatal Unit;

» 10 incubators used in the premature and neonatal care
» 5 radiant heated beds used in the neonatal follow-up and treatment in the conditions of the intensive care
» 4 BiliBlanket special phototherapy system used in the treatment of the neonatal jaundice
» 4 phototherapy devices
» 5 mechanic ventilators (artificial ventilation device) used in the treatment of the respiratory insufficiency developing in the premature and neonatal infants.
» 16 monitor systems which have the feature of measuring the saturation of the respiration, peak heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen of the neonatal infant.
» 2 transport incubators used in the transportation of the neonatal infant
» Portable roentgen device
» The blood gas device which gives the opportunity of the arterial, venous, and capillary blood gas measurement
» Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
» 2 mechanic ventilators (artificial ventilation device)
» 2 monitor systems

Our Doctors in Unit

Prof.Dr.Mustafa AKÇAKUŞ