Our center which has been serving under the name of Can Dialysis Center since 1991 has been renewed under the name of “ANADOLU DIALYSIS ALANYA” since 2011 and continues its activities under “ALANYA ANATOLIA HOSPITAL”.

Our headquarters also serves dialysis patients who come to Alanya from domestic and abroad to spend their holidays as well as our local and foreign dialysis patients living in Alanya.

Accommodation opportunities that are favorable for every budget can be easily reached via internet or tourism agencies in Alanya which has proper weather and environment for vacation in any season.

Our dialysis center continues to operate under the supervision of specialist physician and has the opportunity to intervene in all the possible health problems as soon as possible with the advantage of being in a full-fledged hospital.

Our headquarters has Fresenius sub-structure and all of our machines are Fresenius 4008 B and S models.

Our hepatitis B and C positive patients are treated with machines reserved only for them and in separate rooms.

Our dialysis center, located on the fourth floor of our hospital building, has a beautiful sea view embracing the whole city and the castle.

We have dialysis options in the seat or bed. During the session, each patient can watch the television reserved to them with the headset. We have food service during the session for our patients. We also provide free transportation to and from the dialysis center from the residence. Our dialysis center has official institution contracts.


With years of experience, we recommend dialysis patients to make dialysis center reservations as their first job when planning their vacation. You can do this easily via phone, fax, by sending an e-mail through internet or by filling out the application form on our web page.
After making your reservation, you will be asked to provide a medical report describing your last situation. This report should be reached to us before you arrive because it will be the assurance to maintain your dialysis treatment in the same way for the holiday.

Make sure you have your official papers (identity, dialysis report, epicrisis) with you because official agencies want your proceedings to be done before the first dialysis.

Payments of our dialysis patients who will be coming from abroad are only provided if they have a payment guarantee addressed to our headquarters from the insurance institution they are affiliated with. In order not to encounter a problem later, we recommend this document to be sent to our center and approved by us during your first application. Otherwise, payments can be made to our headquarters and then can be taken back from the insurance institution. With the experience of the past years, it will be possible for us to have exclusive explanations if our patients apply to us before making their holiday reservations.

Our Doctors in Unit

Uzm. Dr. A. Yaman Ersoy