The number of people who are alienated and who look for a support has gradually increased in this period that extends the individualism at full steam with the support of the growing and developing technology of our era. Thus, the need for this department has gradually gained importance. The present personal, familial, cultural, and socioeconomic effects have created greater and more negative influences on the mental health of people. Because of life conditions, economic anxieties, job stress, deficiencies in education, the hardships caused by the period in child rearing, the problems met in marriage and family, we have deep anxieties about how we will deal with and overcome all of these problems. On this very point, the psychological science and psychologists have provided service for the people on the area of finding an answer to these questions and producing solutions for these problems.

We, as Private Anatolia Hospital, have provided service related to child, adolescent, and adult mental health in company with psychologist. In all kinds of bothering matters that you feel mentally, we help you in the period of transition for a more qualitative and contented, happier and more meaningful life with psychologist. We try to make your life more positive and productive by using the newest and the most functional psychotherapy techniques supported by the scientific works. We work not only on the bothers you feel presently, but also we bring you in new skills to overcome all kinds of bothering, stressful, and worrisome situations you may meet in the future. Our purpose is to help you to maintain a stronger, more analytical, and happier life in every condition and situation.


The Services Given in Our Psychology Department:

» Individual psychotherapy Group psychotherapy Family therapies
» Marriage counseling
» Parents education
» IQ test for children
» Pediatric psychotherapies
» Adolescent psychotherapies
» Overcoming the stress
» Depression
» Test anxiety
» Anxiety disorders
» Eating disorders
» Anger control
» Sleeping disorders
» Phobias
» Enuresis
» Stammering
» Behavior disorders in children
» Communicative disorders
» Speaking disorders
» Effective speaking skills
» Obesity

The Areas on Which We Organize Educations:

» Mental changes coming into existence during the pre-natal and post-natal
» Post-natal depression
» Parents education
» Test anxiety

You can make a pre-interview and reach us by getting an appointment with a call or e-mail for all of these services given.

Our Doctors in Unit

Psk.Coşku Oğulcan Gündüz


Psk. İlkay Kargı