Pathology is the scientific examination of the diseases. It searches fort he reasons of diseases and inspects the functional and formal disorders in cells, tissues and organs, which are caused by the diseases. Pathologists diagnoses the typical modifications of the cells and tissues seen by the eye or microscope in order to lead the way for the diagnosis and treatment in the clinic application, and if required they use molecular, microbiologic and immunologic techniques.

Therefore, the body fluids and tissue samples, taken in the polyclinic and surgery room conditions, are examined with different dyeing techniques and by using microscopes in Anatolia Hospital Pathology Department.

In our department; the routine PAP smear method applied for the cytology samples taken from the vagina and cervix together with the liquid-base thin layer technology (Thin-Prep), have been used as well, and thus it can be made important strides in the early diagnosis of the cancer cases. Thin-Prep method can be used in all of the body fluids.

Frozen-Section operation can also be applied in our hospital at the same time. Thus, a rapid and urgent diagnosis can be possible during the operation, and the surgical limit can be screened in the cancerous cases.

Moreover; the immunohistochemical markers required in the diagnosis and treatment of tumor can be used. In addition to this, immune-fluorescence dyeing technique can be applied in the required cases, especially skin and kidney biopsies.

Our Doctors in Unit

Uzm. Dr. Güler Ersoy