Extracorporal Fertilization (IVF)

Want and desiring a baby is one of the most exciting and important decisions of your life.

In Anatolia Hospital Test Tube Baby Center, we try to make hundreds of couples have a baby, reach the greatest happiness in their lives; and we are proud of this.

Test tube baby, or IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) with its scientific name, is an effective method which has been applied after the mid-twenties for the infertility and having a baby. Classically, the test tube baby treatment programme depends on the principle of obtaining many ova at high-end quality with the infertility medicines which are ovum builders after the female menstruation has been brought under control with the hormonal suppressor medicines. These treatments have enabled to obtain sufficient ovules at a fertilizable quality. Following the gathering of ova, the sperms taken from your partner have been prepared in the laboratorial conditions, the impregnation placed in the same environment, is kept or Microinjection (ICSI) is applied. The impregnation is realized in the laboratorial tubes and in the special devices, which are very similar to the mother womb, by means of supporting the culture medium solutions specially prepared in the laboratory and helping to their nutrition. After the approximately 72 hour passage in the laboratory, these embryos developing and segmenting are placed in the womb by transferring.

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