Intensive Care

A wide range of medical care is presented to the patients in our Intensive Care Units. The post-operative follow-ups of the patients who undergone an operation and the patients in any critical condition can be carried out in the Intensive Care Unit. The presence of the regular specialists in all branches and the organization of the hospital in the form of giving all kinds of medical service have increased the success of our intensive care unit.

The staff of the intensive care unit has been selected among the experienced candidates especially educated about advanced life support and critical patient care. These staffs have been subjected to the regular education about the latest medical developments.

Our Intensive Care Units;

» General Intensive Care
» Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care
» Coronary Intensive Care and
» Neonatal Intensive Care (the first private in Antalya)

There is a central hygienic climate (hepa filter) system in the intensive care. An easily cleanable, antibacterial, antistatic featured covering is present on the floor and walls of the intensive care. The follow-ups of the patients have been done with the ventilator, perfusator, pump, and monitor on the bedsides. There is a vacuum, air and oxygen system depending on the bedside central system.

The cleaning of the Intensive Care Unit is done with the special antibacterial, disinfectant materials; thus, the risk of the cross infection is removed.

Our Doctors in Unit