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As Anatolia Hospital, our goal is to provide better and safer healthcare services to our patients by following technological developments, new diagnosis and treatment methods. Our hospitals are structured to provide healthcare services with a patient-oriented approach and with distinguished physicians and healthcare staff focusing on patients’ satisfaction, prioritizing quality by using modern medical technologies.

Anatolia Hospital, which started to serve in Kemer Region under the name of “Private Kemer Clinic” in 1993 and opened its first hospital in Kemer Region in 1997, has put into service a total of 7 hospitals in Belek, Antalya Center, Side, Alanya, Serik and Lara districts, taking into account the needs and demands of both the tourism sector and the local people that have emerged in the Antalya Region over the years, with a patient satisfaction-oriented approach. Opened in 2005, Anatolia Hospital has been the first comprehensive health institution to respond to an important need of Antalya with its intensive care units, fully equipped operating rooms and laboratories, advanced radiological imaging unit and all branches under one roof. With this feature, it has become the most preferred private tertiary care hospital in the region in a short time and has started to receive referrals from every point of Antalya from Kumluca to Gazipaşa, as well as from surrounding provinces such as Isparta, Burdur, Afyon, Denizli, Konya, Mersin.

With its experienced management staff, open management approach, valuable physicians and healthcare professionals, Anatolia Hospital will continue its growth in the field of health tourism in the region and abroad with tourism potential, thus making significant contributions to the development and promotion of Antalya, one of the most important tourist spots of our country.

In this 30-year journey, we are proud of providing quality, reliable and affordable healthcare services to all local and foreign patients.