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Emergency and Ambulance Services

An emergency is a sudden illness, accident, injury and similar situations that threaten a person's life or integrity of life. Our emergency unit is able to respond to all emergencies for 24/7 with a dynamic team of specialized doctors, experienced nurses and healthcare personnel.


Our emergency services are equipped with modern devices and offer 24-hour imaging such as magnetic resonance, computerized tomography and ultrasonography. Patients applying to our emergency services during the day are supported by all other available outpatient clinics. With existing ambulances, we are at your service in all kinds of emergencies with the medical teams of doctors, nurses, auxiliary personnel and drivers. All of our ambulances have TSE-EN-1789 Quality Certificate.


Acute diseases treated in the emergency department include:


• Fever

• Abdominal pain

• Vomiting

• Diarrhea

• Cuts

• Fractures, dislocations and traumas

• Burns

• Severe headache

• Pneumonia

• Appendicitis

• Brain hemorrhages

• Cardiac dysrhythmia and heart attacks