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Utilization of the Service in General: Patients have the right to benefit from healthcare services according to their needs within the framework of the principles of justice and equity.


Informing and Requesting Information:  The patient can request information on how to benefit from healthcare services.


Selecting and Changing Healthcare Organizations and Personnel: Patients have the right to choose the healthcare institution and organization of his/her choice and to benefit from the healthcare services. Patients have the right to freely choose the personnel who will provide healthcare services to him/her, to change the physician dealing with his/her treatment and to request consultation of other physicians.


Privacy: It is essential that the patient's privacy is respected. The patient may also explicitly request that his/her privacy be protected. All medical interventions shall be carried out by respecting the patient's privacy.


Consent: Except as provided by law, no one shall be subjected to medical treatment without his/her consent or in a manner against his/her consent.


Receiving Healthcare in a Safe Environment: All health institutions and organizations are obliged to take the necessary measures to protect and ensure the safety of life and property of patients and their such as visitors and attendants.


Being able to fulfill Religious Duties: Necessary measures shall be taken to ensure that patients can freely fulfill their religious duties within the means of health institutions and organizations.


Respect and Comfort: Patients have the right to benefit from health services in a manner and in an environment appropriate to his/her personal values.


Visitors and Attendants: Visitors are allowed in a way that does not cause any acts and attitudes that may disturb the peace of the patients and necessary measures are taken in this regard. Depending on the approval of the physician responsible for the treatment, an attendant may be requested to assist the patient during the examination and treatment.


Right to Complaint and Litigation: The patient and his/her relatives have the right to make any applications, complaints and file a claim regarding violation of patient rights in accordance with the regulations. You can report your opinions, suggestions, thanks, problem solving and complaint applications regarding the healthcare service you receive via Private Lara Anatolian Hospital official web page or by applying to the Patient Rights and Communication Department.