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Attendants must comply with the rules set by the hospital. They must not make noise, not cause environmental pollution and not disturb the patients..

Attendants should care for their patients and help the staff on duty.

Attendants are provided with meals.

Attendants must not bring food and beverages inside to protect the health of patients. Attendants should not stay in the rooms during doctors’ visit and cleaning times, and should provide convenience to hospital staff..

 Attendants should not tamper with hospital equipment, devices and materials.

Attendants must notify the relevant units in case of any attendant substitution.

Attendants are not allowed in intensive care units in our hospital.

Only one attendant can accompany the patients in all rooms.

There is a sofa bed in the rooms where the attendants can rest.

Pets are not allowed in our hospitals, please do not to bring them.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in our hospitals, except in designated areas.