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Alcohol  and substance addiction is a progressive brain disease, that is widespread worldwide and threatens one's life. It ranks firs among diseases leading to death. If early diagnosis and appropriate treatment resources are not available, the destructive effects of substances cause chronic, physical and mental illnesses.

Various levels of impairment occur in all systems. For example, digestive system issues, toxic hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatitis, hepatitis C, and AIDS. Cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and respiratory arrest deaths are observed with excessive substance use to achieve the former pleasruable effects. 



Addiction progresses with lifelong flare-ups and remissions, and its too serious to be handled informally. Addiction treatments are carried out in Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders Treatment Centers (AMATEM's). However, because addictions lead to mental, physical, and social disability, patients face difficulties in accessing treatment. 


To respond to this important need and to provide qualified and accessible healthcare services to those suffering from alcohol and substance addiction, we established Antalya's first private AMATEM within Anatolia Hospital Lara. We aim to ensure that addicted patients can access quality treatment without being stigmatized. In our center, which started operations in 2016, we apply scientifically proven and reliable addiction treatments to our outpatients and inpatients. Our center employs two addiction psychiatrists, one psychologist, one social worker, and six nurses. The treatment protocols and process specific to each patient are conducted by a specialist approved by the european association for cognitive and behavioural therapies. 


To prevent the progression of alcohol, cannabis, and heroin addiction, there is an effetive pharmacological drug called Naltrexone; available in oral tablets, monthly injections, and slow release implant forms. Since using heroin under Naltrexone treatment would result in death, our laws only allow it to be prescribed and administered by a psychiatry specialist in treating addictions. Although the rules for using this drug in the treatment of substance addiction are strict, there are overt or covert boundary violations and uncontrolled applications. 


Naltrexone subcutaneous implant applications are known as 'chip theraphy' among addicts. The high hopes and excessive meanings attached to this treatment compel patients and their relatives to seek this application throuh inappropriate means. Informing the pulic about this issue is one of our primary duties as addiction psychiatrists. 


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Psychiatry Addiction Center

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